Step by Step Instructions for Newcomers

  • Fill out the form, and click the Print button:

  • If there is a Mandatory Field that was not entered properly, you must Edit it. If there is a highly recommended field that was not entered, you may Edit it or Skip it. In this example, the e-mail address was ommited.

  • The user chooses to Skip the e-mail address:

  • Click the PRINT button (again):

  • This time the Print button works. On the Print dialog menu, change # of Copies to 2, and Click the Print button in the menu box:

  • Click the Submit button:

  • Because the user chose to Skip this warning previously, the warning message appears again. Either click Edit and fill in your e-mail address, or click Skip again. This user clicks Skip:

  • This acknowledgement message appears if your form was successfully submitted. Click the here link to return to the form one more time:

  • Pages 1 and 2 of the form are still filled in, and you may print it again or save it to a PDF file (an option on the print dialog menu under Destination). Close the window if you are satisfied. DO NOT CLICK SUMBIT A SECOND TIME.