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Current Member Websites:

Bev Abbott
Carol Andre
Lonetta Avelar
Christine Bass
Lynne Beckett
Joy Kroeger Beckner
Polly Berlin
Tim Bowers
John Brennan
Elizabeth A. Brown
Line Brunelle
Ewa Buksa-Klinowska
Kurt C. Burmann
Wayne Chunat
Mona Diane Conner
Jillian Crider
Diane Grant Czajkowski
Viviane de Kosinsky
Zoe Dollow
Paul Eaton
Elizabeth Elgin
Melinda Fabian
Gaylene Fortner
Barbara Freeman
Roland Fürstenhöfer
Tykie Ganz
Patricia Getha
Andrew Gott
Carol Grice-Curran
Elaine Hahn
Tracy Hall
Tiffany Hastie
Carol Heiman-Greene
Christina Hopkinson
Denise Horne-Kaplan
Luann Houser
Joan Humble
Teressa Jackson
Mary Jansen


Tammy Kaufman
Debra Keirce
Susan Kern
Judy Lalingo
Carol Lopez
Wilma Lopez
Cathleen Martinetto
Patricia McCandless
Julie McGowan
John Meister
Leda Miller
Judy Minor
Bill Mundy
Jenny Musker
Melissa Miller Nece
Yvonne Nowicka-Wright
Lynn Ponto-Peterson
Meredith Rambo
Carol Rockwell
Linda Rossin
Claire Russell
Christian Rzyski
Elinor Sethman
Wes & Rachelle Siegrist
Ernest C. Simmons
Terry Smith
Barbara Stanton
Nar Steel
Dana Lee Thompson
Lynn Wade
Sue Wall
Akiko Watanabe
Katherine Weber
Fred Weiser
Joan Willies
Marion Winter
Diana M. Wyles
Karen Young

Active Miniature Art Society and Organization Websites:

AMAS: The Alabama Miniature Art Society, USA
AMA: The Association of Miniature Artists
ASMA(NSW): Australian Society of Miniature Art, Inc. (New South Wales)
ASMA(TAS): Australian Society of Miniature Art (Tasmania)
CPA: Cider Painters of America, USA
HS: Hilliard Society of Miniaturists, UK
ICMA: International Community of Miniature Art
MAA: The Miniature Artists of America, USA
MASSA: Miniature Art Society of South Africa
MPSGS: Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers Society, USA
RMS: The Royal Miniature Art Society, UK
SLm: The Society of Limners, UK
WFM: The World Federation of Miniaturists


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Members, if you have a website and have paid your annual dues, please email our Webmaster, Winklebee, to add your link. Dues may now be paid via PayPal. This list was last updated September 2, 2022 and is based primarily upon the 2021 MASF Active Membership Directory and communication from the artists to our Webmaster.

Miniature Art Society of Florida's 34th Annual International Exhibition in the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, January 2009

 MASF Current Officers and Board of Directors:

President: Julie J McGowan
Secretary: Alix Wynne
Treasurer: Peter Cammick
Exhibition Chair: Lynnette Vaughan
Awards Chair: Debbie Holden
Social Chair: Carol Curtiss
Public Relations Chair: Chieko Bromley
Membership Chair: Marilyn Wasielewski
Financial and Management Chair: Michelle Moreau
Webmaster and Online Catalog: Winklebee

MASF Presidents:

Bede Zel Angle 1974-1975
Dorothy F. Curtis 1975-1976
Majorie Woodhouse 1976-1978
Marian E. Harding 1978-1980
Laura P. Schofer 1980-1982
Marion Simonds 1982-1984
Doris M. Liverman 1984-1986
Sarah Heyward 1986-1988
Leslie Starke 1988-1990
Kay Petryszak 1990-1992
Jean M. Boyers 1992-1994
Denver Boyers 1994-1996
Alma L. Wensley 1996-1997
Jo Webber 1997-1999
Carol B. Curtiss 1999-2001
Denver Boyers 2001-2002
Charles W. Curtis 2002-2003
Carol B. Curtiss 2003-2006
Bob Fritz 2006-2008
Kay Petryszak 2009-2011
Kay Petryszak 2015-2015
Kathy Pollak 2017-2019
Julie J McGowan 2024-

Miniature Art Society of Florida's 34th Annual International Exhibition in the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, January 2009

An informal gathering after show hours. L to R: Wes Siegrist, Bill Mundy, Herb Weed, Helen Hause, Mona Diane Conner, Carol Curtiss, Rachelle Siegrist


The Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF)
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Dunedin FL 34698

Mailing address: 1497 Main Street
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Dunedin, FL 34698 USA

To contact MASF's Administrator, e-mail admin@miniatureartsocietyofflorida.com

All images © MASF and the respective artists. Artwork featured on this website has been awarded in a MASF Exhibition or is part of the Permanent Collection. Photos courtesy of Andrew Gott and Wes Siegrist. Miniatureartsocietyofflorida.com/miniature-art.com is the official website of The Miniature Art Society of Florida. All artwork, images and contents of this website are © Miniature Art Society of Florida and the respective Artists.