For artists wishing to submit their own photographs for the Online Exhibition

For the Online MASF Show, electronic photographs of each work are required. MASF will do the photography, but if some artists are willing and able to provide photos of sculptures or framed works or scans of works prior to framing them under glass, or if the artwork itself has a high gloss finish, artists' photos will be welcomed by the MASF webmaster.

  1. The image file must be in JPEG format.
  2. Crop the image close to the frame or sculpture. The image height in pixels should be at least 300 times the actual height in inches. IE. If the framed height is 4 inches, the image height should be at least 1200 pixels.
  3. Save the image with the following name format in lower case letters: Your last name, space, your first name, space, (optional middle initial or name, space), a single digit for the work sequence on the entry form, space, the first letter of no more than 4 words in the work title, space, and, finally, the frame or sculpture height rounded to the nearest quarter inch using "q" for 1/4, "h" for 1/2, and "t" for 3/4.

    For example, for Gordon La Salle’s third work in a series of 5 entitled In The Still Of The Night, and the frame height is 4 1/4 inches, the photo file name would be: la salle gordon 3 itso 4q.jpg
  4. Attach each image file to a separate e-mail message with the image file name in the Subject area, and e-mail them to