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Displaying your Miniature Paintings

You may, of course, devote a whole wall or section of a wall to your miniature paintings, but don't be afraid to mix and match your miniatures with your traditionally-sized paintings. The miniatures are so fascinating, they hold their own with the larger paintings:

This collector uses Command Strips on which hang miniature paintings within the frames of traditionally-sized paintings. (More about Command Strips below.) For this, the larger paintings must be covered with glass.

You can match paintings by color compatibility as above, or subject matter as below:

You can position your miniature well within the larger frame or venture a bit outside:


Or be really brave and nearly escape the big frame:

How about multiple minis if you have a really big painting with wide matting:

Now for the Command Strips. You can purchase all sizes from your local hardware store. This collector uses the smallest size which holds up to four pounds.


One last look at a collection of traditional-sized paintings forming a frame around a couple of miniature portraits of two of our beloved characters from Downton Abbey. The collector is anxiously awaiting creation by Mr. Mundy of additional portraits of a few of her other favorite British actors. There's plenty of room!


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