The MASF Entry Form may be completed by paper method or electronic method. While both methods are acceptable, the electronic form is preferred. By completing the computer form, your artwork labels will be automatically and legibly pre-printed and ready for you to attach to your artworks and your information will be automatically transferred to the MASF database for the show labels and the show catalog.

The electronic form is provided at the MASF website (see below) on-line as well as on page 6 of the MASF prospectus distributed via e-mail. If you have received the prospectus via e-mail, go to page 6 and follow the instructions below.


  • Computer with a Windows XP or later version operating system or a Mac OS 10 or later version operation system is required.


  1. Go to the MASF website at www.miniatureartsocietyofflorida.com
  2. On the home page, select Annual Exhibition from the left side bar.
  3. Click on the Entry Form button.


  1. Fill in the form on-line. You may correct any data entry by re-clicking on the field and re-entering the data.
  2. The following 6 information fields are limited to drop-down menu choices. Click on arrows in each field to access the choices:
  • Honorary Member: blank (default), MAA, RMS, MAA & RMS
  • Media Letters: A, DP, MM, O, OW, PE, PM, SS, TW
    A-Acrylic, DP-Drawing & Pastel, MM-Mixed Media, O-Oil, OW-Opaque Watercolor, PE-Fired Porcelain or Enamel, PM-Print Making,
    SS-Sculpture or Scrimshaw [list main materials], TW-Transparent Watercolor)
  • Category Letters: AS, BA, C, EA, FB, HF, HM, IS, L, M, P
    (AS-Abstract & Surrealism, BA-Birds & Animals, C-Calligraphy, EA-Exterior & Achitectural, FB-Floral & Botannical, HM-Historican & Mythical,
    HF-Human Figure, IS-Interior & Still Life, L-Landscape, M-Marine, P-Portrait)
  • Entry Fee: $40 (default), $50, $60
    ($40-U.S. Resident & Member, $50-U.S. Resident & non-Member or non-U.S. Resident & Member, $60-non-U.S. Resident & non-Member)
  • Credit Card Fee: blank (default), $1
  • Dues: blank (default), up (to pay for multiple years) or down (to correct inadvertent entries) in $25 increments
    ($25-1 year, $50-2 years, $75-3 years)
  1. If you are between the ages of 18-35, click on the check box for young entrants.
  2. If you have never entered a MASF show in the past, click on the check box for first time entrants.
  3. If you want to have your unsold works returned to an alternate address, click on the check box for alternate shipping address and enter your alternate address in the box that appears on the screen.
  4. If you want to receive payments for awards and/or sales by PayPal, click on the check box for PayPal.


  1. After completing the form, click on the PRINT button under the signature area.
  2. Print one form to sign and include in the box with your artworks.
  3. Print one (or more) form(s) to retain for your records.
  4. Cut out the artwork labels at the bottom of one of the forms and attach them to your artwork.


  • After printing your forms, submit the information on the form to MASF electronically by clicking on the SUBMIT button under the signature area. Do NOT click on the SUBMIT button more than once. Clicking on the SUBMIT button more than once will enter the information into the MASF database multiple times.